Twins, Do I Really Need Two of Everything?!

“Two of Everything!” How many times have you heard that one since finding out the life changing news?? Probably quite a bit and there’s a strong possibility that you have asked YOURSELF that question a few times.

I am going to try and help you out with this; I am going to give you my opinions, let you know what worked best for us, and try my best to acknowledge those things that tend to vary more by family.

First things first… do you need two of everything?? NO (not of everything), but YES (of most things).

What Do You REALLY Need for Twins?

These are the items I really suggest you buy two of for twins.

  • Car Seats – This is an obvious one (I hope)
  • Cribs – My pediatrician suggested that I do not co-sleep my twins because of the risk of SIDS so I have two cribs. If you are thinking of co-sleeping your twins I would say check with your pediatrician first.
  • Bassinets – Even if you wanted to co-sleep your twins you probably don’t want to do it in a bassinet. These are generally pretty small to go by your bed. You are better off getting two or if you are set on co-sleeping go ahead and do it in their crib from the beginning.
  • Sit me up seats and/or Bumbo seats – My girls just started using these, but I can tell you I am really glad I have two! I have the fisher price sit me up seats and I love them! The girls generally like to sit in them at the same time and I can face them toward each other and it’s super cute!
  • High Chairs – Confession… I only have one right now, however my girls aren’t on solids yet. If one is being fussy and I am cooking dinner or doing dishes I put her in the highchair with some toys. This is fine for now, but when they start eating “solids” I will definitely want to feed them at the same time. That’s just me if you think you will want to feed them at separate times you could get away with just one high chair.
  • Boppy pillows – I truly love my Boppy pillows. I did not use them for nursing though I use them to lay the girls on. I lay them in front of me on them to feed them or sometimes they just lay on them while we are hanging out in my bed or even occasionally when they are just laying on their play-mat (just don’t leave them unsupervised on them or let them sleep on them)
  • Double the Clothes – I didn’t think I would need double the clothes… I figured they could just share. Well between drool, blow outs (if you don’t know what that is you will learn… oh how you will learn), spit-up, etc. you will want the extra clothes. So unless you really love doing laundry I would stock up 😉
  • Double the burp cloths and bibs – Same premise as the clothes. Just stock up.
  • Double the towels/washcloths – Again… unless you just love doing laundry…
  • Double the pacifiers – If you aren’t doing pacifiers just disregard, but if you are just take my word for it and stock up. It seems as though we can never find a pacifier in my house! We seriously keep a tiny bucket of pacifiers and every night I go on a scavenger hunt.
  • Double the bottles – If you will be using bottles just make sure to get plenty. I breastfeed, pump, and supplement with formula. When I went back to work I send bottles to my mother’s house. I have 8 bottles and that seems pretty sufficient I only have to wash them twice a day.

What Can I Get Away With Just Buying One of With Twins?

These are the items I think you really only need one of… for now

If you think you MIGHT need two I would suggest just get one for now see how it works out and get another one later.

  • Swing – I wouldn’t suggest purchasing two swings and two bouncy chairs just yet. Here is why: my son HATED his swing when he was a baby. He wouldn’t swing he would just cry and cry, but he loved his bouncy chair. You never know what your baby is going to prefer and I knew that because of my previous experience. I got one bouncy chair and one swing. One of my daughters loves her swing and likes the bouncy chair too and my other likes both, but really seems to prefer the bouncy chair so I go another bouncy chair and stuck with the one swing and it has worked out great for us.
  • Bouncy Chair – see above
  • Bottle Warmer – This is personal preference. I staggered my girls schedules in the beginning (if you want to know more about that see my post on surviving twins here) so one bottle warmer was totally fine for us. Even on those occasions when they were both hungry at the same time I might nurse one and my husband would heat a bottle up. Depending on your situation you may want two of these though.
  • Changing Table – If you can change two diapers at the same time comment below… we would all like to know how that works. Thanks.
  • Baby Bath Tub – Once your babies’ umbilical cords fall off and heal you can begin baths! Yay!! This is probably my favorite time of day. It’s relaxing for the babies and thus relaxing for me. We hang out, talk, sing songs, and they smell so delicious afterwards! I bathe my girls one at a time. I just feel it is easier that way right now (they are only 4 months old). Once they get old enough to sit up steadily on their own I will probably transition to bathing them at the same time, but for now it is easier and I enjoy the one on one time. If this doesn’t work for you though you will want to get two of these.
  • Toys – They can share, they will have to learn this skill eventually. Don’t waste your money buying two of every toy!
  • Dresser – With two girls it is really easy to just use one dresser. They wear the same size and share clothes so I see no reason for them to each have their own dresser until they are a lot older. Even if you have a boy and a girl I think you could pretty easily separate the non gender neutral stuff.



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Did I forget any twin necessities? Comment below and let me know if you think of anything else or if you have other suggestions 😃


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