Spelling Practice

Ah Fridays… parents and kids alike are rejoicing! Friday for parents means the work week is almost over, it might even be payday, and weekend fun is right around the corner.

Our kids are just as ready for the weekend as we are (if not more), however some kids may be anxious for other reasons; for many students Friday also means test day and most notoriously Spelling test day.

If your child is a natural born spelling bee champ he or she may pull out that crisp sheet of notebook paper and freshly sharpened pencil with confidence, but if your child struggles with spelling taking out that sheet of paper may coincide with an ever growing pit in their tummy.

The trick is to help your child use studying strategies that are fun and interesting. She will study longer without even realizing it!

Fun Spelling Practice Ideas

  • Use Pasta¬†– Have your child use dry pasta to make letters and spell out their words
  • Colors – Have your child write out their spelling words in rainbow colors (a different color for each letter!)
  • Type it Out – Allow your child to type out their spelling words on a computer. Typing them out 3 times each is a great way to practice
  • Sign Language – Use a simple sign language chart and have your child sign the letters of each of their spelling words
  • Shaving Cream – Cover your table in a thin layer of shaving cream and have your child use their fingers to write out their spelling words
  • Paint – Break out the paints and allow your child to paint their spelling words
  • Body Letters – Think The Village People’s Y.M.C.A. song…. Have your child try and spell out their words using their whole body to make the shapes of the letters.
  • Sing a Song – If your child likes making up little tunes this is a great one!
  • Write a Story – Have your child write a story using their spelling words.
  • Mini Spelling Been – Have your child spell their words out loud to you.

I hope these strategies help your child study longer and harder. I hope that when he pulls out that sheet of notebook paper next Friday he does so with a smile, knowing he is about to ACE that spelling test!

What do you think of these spelling practice ideas? Are there any other strategies you and your child use? 








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